DC Universe Online Development Update:..

DC Universe Online Development Update: Artifact Catalyst Consolidationa Hello and heads up! Confused by Catalysts? Us too. Artifact Catalysts are numerous and, let’s face it, confusing for many. We are up to 21 Catalysts and counting. Many things about the Artifact and Catalyst systems have changed since the original design … Read More »

DC Universe Online Nintendo Switch Review

A few weeks ago, I explained my background as well as provided a review-in-progress of Daybreak’s DC Universe Online MMO on the Nintendo Switch. You can check out that article here as this full review will build upon what we already know and discussed there. Since the preview, I’ve managed to hit the maximum … Read More »

Dc Universe Online Game Update 92

Game Update 92 Booster Gold Second Chance Vendor Items from the Qwardian Time Capsule and Team-Up Time Capsule are now available on the Second Chance Vendor for Quarks. These items are in addition to the items from Time Capsule I and the Amazon Time Capsule already there. Look for Booster … Read More »

Dc Universe Online Celebrates Its Eighth…

Dc Universe Online Celebrates Its Eighth Anniversary With Attack Of The Anti-monitor Event Attack of the Anti-Monitor Anniversary Event The anniversary event is back, featuring open world missions, the Centennial Collapse raid, A World Past Hope and Fear solo, and a ton of new feats, styles, and rewards. Open your … Read More »

Dc Universe Online Kicks Off Its Seasonal…

Dc Universe Online Kicks Off Its Seasonal Event With A Celebration Of Greed Season’s Greedings and Vendor Discounts! Season’s Greedings Larfleeze is back! Find and recover the stolen gifts in Metropolis and Gotham City before it’s too late! Look for “Yuletide Fear” (Villains) or “Winter Plunderland” (Heroes) in your Mission … Read More »

DC Univers The Witching Hour 2018

The Witching Hour Returns with new Base Items, Feats, and Styles! All hell has broken loose in the streets of Gotham City and inside The Midnight Masquerade Nightclub! Go to the East End safehouse in Gotham City and speak to the Phantom Stranger (Heroes) or The Tap Room in Burnley … Read More »