Eve Online Patch Beings Minor Tweaks To…

Eve Online Patch Beings Minor Tweaks To Triglavian Invasion reetings, The following page will list patch notes for all updates within this monthly release (version 18.06). For discussion about the content release, please head on over to the respective comments threads on EVE Online forums: General Feedback Known Issues General … Read More »

EVE Online Event, The Hunt, Live Now

The Hunt event has returned and is now live! At a time of year when Capsuleers undertake their now-annual pod hunt, you are tasked with the challenge of using directional and probe scanners to hunt down and destroy NPC capsules in order to gain access to special event sites and … Read More »

Black Desert 3/10] Ramoness World…

Black Desert 3/10] Ramoness World Championship [DE] Zur Ankündigung auf Deutsch [LINK] [FR] Voir Annonce en français [LIEN] [ES] Ver aviso en español [LINK] [TH] อ่านประกาศภาษาไทย [LINK] [ID] Baca pengumuman dalam bahasa Indonesia [Link] [RU] Информация на русском [LINK] Greetings, Adventurers! Let the tournament begin! Predict who will win the … Read More »

Black Desert Piku is Back!

Period: December 24 (after maintenance)–January 8 (before maintenance) Piku the abominable Yeti has returned to Alejandro Farm again! Defeat Piku and become buried under a flurry of fantastic rewards! How to Participate During the event period, Piku will appear in a total of 20 servers every 3 to 6 hours. … Read More »

Eve Online Details Triglavian Recruitment…

Eve Online Details Triglavian Recruitment Tactics, High-sec Fights, And Holiday Events Festive Capsuleers, Tomorrow after daily downtime, the season of celebration will arrive in New Eden! With it comes Naughty or Nice and all the events therein! 13 days of EVE The popular 13 Days of EVE event returns for … Read More »

Eve’s Halloween Horrors Are Upon Us!

Fearless Capsuleers, New Eden has been haunted by a series of frighteningly awesome events that consist of daily login rewards, shocking surprises, balance changes…and a little something to get your blood pumping! The events start and finish at different times, so make sure to check the details below to know exactly what … Read More »