Black Desert A Bountiful Feast

It is the very first Thanksgiving on Black Desert Xbox! To celebrate the bountiful season, a variety of events will be held!     Event I – Joy Of Harvest Five renowned Imperial Chefs are looking for premium ingredients to cook a quality dish to serve to nobles. While multiple … Read More »

Black Desert Pearls For Packages

Period: November 13 (00:00 UTC)–November 25 (23:59 UTC) The perfect opportunity to upgrade your package is here! Upgrade your Starter’s or Traveler’s Package to a higher-tier package and receive free Pearls you can spend in the in-game Pearl Shop!   You will also receive free Pearls for purchasing a Traveler’s … Read More »

Black Desert Season of Giving

Event 1. Yvrugs A-Coming! Period: November 13 (after maintenance)–November 27 (before maintenance)   This rare fish, highly sought after by all for its exquisite taste, will be available to fish in certain areas during the event period. Don’t miss your chance to fish up this delicacy!   Yvrug Price: 500,000 … Read More »

Black Desert Chomp! Choco Stick Day

Event 1: Fight, Fish, Gather for Choco Sticks! Period: November 6 (after maintenance)–November 20 (before maintenance) Defeat monsters, fish, or gather during the event period to get the following items at a chance:     [Event] Choco Stick   [Event] Wrapping Paper Select Imperial Cuisine from the Processing window (L) … Read More »

Black Desert Sail and Prevail

Event 1: Get 5 Times the Sailing EXP Period: October 30 (after maintenance)–November 13 (before maintenance)   During the event period, you will receive 5 times the Sailing EXP for defeating the following monsters: Hungry Hekaru Hungry Ocean Stalker Hekaru Ocean Stalker Candidum Black Rust Nineshark Young Hekaru Young Ocean … Read More »