EverQuest Server Merge Starts May 19

On Wednesday, May 20, 2020, we will be merging the following servers. In order to complete this work there will be a 24 hour downtime beginning on May 19th.  Please note that this is also the date of the Live Update and will include that in the downtime. Lockjaw -> Ragefire Trakanon -> Vox … Read More »

The Chronoportal Phenomenon Returns To…

The Chronoportal Phenomenon Returns To Everquest 2 The Chronoportal Phenomenon is Back for 21 Years of EQ! The Chronoportals have opened once more! Step through and venture to the age of Turmoil now. For years we have been witness to mysterious portals across the Shattered Lands, which have allowed us … Read More »

Everquest’s 21st Birthday Includes Agent System,

Everquest’s 21st Birthday Includes Agent System, Level 85 Boosts Greetings fair adventurers! Time for an update on the immediate Norrathian horizon! We’ve been furiously planning the year, including expansions, holidays, and the future. Can you believe EverQuest is entering its third decade? 21 years old this year! For this year’s … Read More »

Everquest Ii Brings Back Its Valentine’s Day…

Everquest Ii Brings Back Its Valentine’s Day Event With A New Quest And New Rewards With hearts aflutter and romance in the air, Erollisi Day has returned! From 12:01AM PT on Thursday, February 6, 2020 through 11:59PM PT on Tuesday, February 19, 2020, you can experience the wonderful whims and romance of Erollisi … Read More »

EverQuest II Update Notes: Thursday January…

EverQuest II Update Notes: Thursday January 9, 2020 TRADESKILLS Many Empyral Rune recipescrolls will now grant a blue or red adornment recipe option. Corrected several recipes that didn’t match their primary components with components existing in the game. Updated the prose text on Shadow Prospecting to reference the passive nature … Read More »