GW2 Game Update Notes: February 11, 2020

Game Update Notes: February 11, 2020 Living World As Jormag’s influence continues to grow throughout the region, Drakkar and its minions grow more powerful. Drakkar’s damage output has been increased. Drakkar’s defiance bar has been strengthened. Drakkar’s health scaling has been decreased. Drakkar has gained new abilities. The spirit champions … Read More »

Anthem 1.6.2 Game Update Notes Icetide Season

New Features Icetide Season (Freeplay events, Weekly Strongholds, Challenges, Seasons Store) has been extended to run through February. Bug Fixes & Improvements Reduced the wait time to start Time Trial races from 60 seconds to 20 seconds. Tyrant Mine should now be available in the seasonal Icetide challenge rotation. This … Read More »

Bless Unleashed Turn A Profit With The…

Bless Unleashed Turn A Profit With The Artisans’ Society One of three Unions in Bless Unleashed, the Artisans’ Society offers benefits to players who are looking to gain an edge in Bless Unleashed’s crafting system. In order to join the Artisans’ Society, players will first need to prove their expertise … Read More »

Planetside 2 Patches In Weapon Changes And…

Planetside 2 Patches In Weapon Changes And Major Shifts To Continent Lockdowns Tues Jan 14 update from jgolenbo (PS2 Community Manager): After yesterday’s unplanned downtime, we made the call to shelve the database migration we had planned on PC to minimize downtime during tomorrow’s update. We’re still going add a … Read More »

GW2 Game Update Notes: December 17, 2019

12/17/2019—December 17 Release Notes Wintersday Come join us in celebrating Wintersday—Toymaker Tixx has made his annual visit to Divinity’s Reach to spread seasonal cheer and festivity! Bring the cheer of Wintersday to the distant north in the Secret Lair of the Snowmen, complete daily achievements to earn fanciful holiday weapons, … Read More »

Anthem 1.6.0 Update Brings Tweaks

New Features Welcome to Icetide – Shaper devices have brought localized ice storms into Bastion, bringing excitement with every glittering snowflake across the region. Ice is rare here, but when it arrives, people know that Icetide celebrations will soon follow. Holiday lights shine throughout Fort Tarsis, their bright colors sparkling on … Read More »

Grim Dawn’s Massive Update Adds…

Grim Dawn’s Massive Update Adds A Roguelike Dungeon And Over 6000 Item Changes The moment has arrived at last. Grim Dawn’s largest free content update ever is here! With v1.1.5.0, Grim Dawn has received a staggering update to itemization, over 6000 database changes. If that alone were not enough, … Read More »