God Of War Walkthrough

In this chapter you’ll find some information that is worth checking before you start your adventure with God of War. Our solution covers all main and side quests as well as side activities and works. The following chapters contain walkthroughs for the main story line; lists of Nornir chests and … Read More »

God of War – The Historian Treasure Map Guide

Treasure Maps are aplenty in God of War and finding all of them—and then solving them—is definitely going to be worth your time. These maps offer some sweet rewards for players who acquire and solve them. Today we’ll show you how to find and complete The Historian Treasure Map in … Read More »

God of War – Dead and Bloated Treasure…

God of War – Dead and Bloated Treasure Map Guide While exploring the realm of Midgard in God of War, players will stumble across various treasure maps along the way. Each treasure map indicates the location of hidden treasure with a brief description and vague photo of where to search … Read More »