BitLife Monopoly Challenge Guide

It’s time to get rich and buy a bunch of property to complete this week’s challenge! There’s another challenge to complete and this time it involves purchasing and owning a whole lot of real estate! We’re going to need to make a bunch of money to support this enterprise, so … Read More »

Here’s A Guide For What To Do Once You Hit…

Here’s A Guide For What To Do Once You Hit Level 50 in Astellia Greetings, Master. Congratulations on reaching Lv 50. However, the real adventure begins now, Master. Please be prepared to brace yourself. Master can now evolve your character (Advance Job), meet more Astel friends, and acquire more powerful … Read More »

BitLife Ferris Bueller Challenge Guide

It’s time to reenact some of the hi-jinks that Ferris Bueller got up to in the movie Ferris Bueller’s Day Off! We will need to be born in Chicago, skip some school, insult the principal (maybe get suspended), have a girlfriend, and then steal a car! This will be an … Read More »

BitLife Forrest Gump Challenge Guide

In this new BitLife challenge, we’re looking to become the a shrimp mogul by becoming Forrest Gump! You will need to be a male, play some college football, go to the army and fight in a war, become a fisherman, and have a son named Forrest. We’ve got tips on … Read More »

BitLife Brangelina Challenge Guide

In this new BitLife challenge it looks like we’re going to be pretending to be Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie! This will require you to live in Los Angeles, become a movie star, have a networth of $200m+, and then adopt three foreign children. We’ve got tips on all of … Read More »

How To Become A Billionaire In Bitlife

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How To Become A Baker In Bitlife

Becoming a baker in BitLife is a pretty simple career with not much upward movement! However, if you’re looking to collect all of the careers in the game, then it’s one you will need to do along the way! We’ll take a quick look at what you need to do … Read More »

How To Become A K-pop Singer In Bitlife

It’s time to become the next singing sensation by becoming a K-Pop Singer in BitLife! You can both obtain the Singer career path, and get the K-Pop achievement by doing this correctly! This is actually pretty easy, unfortunately it comes down to a lot of random chance on whether you … Read More »