Hyper Universe: V4.1 Patch Notes

1V4.1 Patch Notes 8 FEBRUARI – NXDISRESPECT Hey Hypers! Welcome to patch 4.1. You can read all about the changes coming to Hyper Universe below: General Updates New Hyper Captain Red has joined the fight for Hyper Universe. Ranked Mode Ranked Mode has been added. Qualifications to unlock Ranked Mode have … Read More »

Hyper Universe: Ready, Set, Punch: Hyper…

Hyper Universe: Ready, Set, Punch: Hyper Universe Is Live Today! Greetings Hypers, Ready for a different way to MOBA? Nexon’s Hyper Universe officially launches today, bringing the action to a 2-D setting with several “inspired” champions that cross the gamut of pop culture stereotypes. The launch build of the game is a significant improvement … Read More »