Lineage II Players Petition For Server Fix

People  request  NCSOFT  do the following changes in order to keep playing here and keep buying  Ncoin :   Game Economy :    As you can see , there is a huge problem with the game economy, and the only Items people sell or buy are the Items  from  L2 Store  Events. We want the following changes … Read More »

Lineage 2 Classic Opens Today…

Lineage 2 Classic Opens Today – Here’s a Peek at the Patch Notes The patch notes for today’s launch of the official Lineage 2 Classic server have been published. The Classic version begins in the Chronicle 1.5 (Age of Splendor) era. The patch notes provide players with an snapshot of … Read More »

Lineage 2 Classic 2.0 Antharas Official Patch Notes

Big things are afoot in the realm of Lineage 2 this week. Its European version just added “The Last Page — Salvation” update that concludes the current storyline saga, reworks several classes, adds the Shadow of the Tree hunting zone, and simplifies clan management. The Lineage 2 EU Classic server also got its own … Read More »