Aussie Dragon Slayers

Guild Name Aussie Dragon Slayers Guild Tag [ADS] Last Updated 29th June, 2020 Server American (PC) Faction Ebonheart Pact Style & Focus Balanced/Mixed PvX Language(s) English Location Website N/A Discord Private Twitter N/A Voice Comms Discord Members 300+ Guild Leader(s) @HomelessKoala Recruitment Status Open Min. Age N/A Min. Time Investment … Read More »

Black Desert Hot and Cool

Enjoy the sizzling hot time boosts in Season Servers and Olvia Servers! And for those of you who may miss the hot time periods, enjoy the cool challenges where you can obtain various items like EXP boost scrolls to train at your convenience. Event 1: Weekend Hot Time in Season … Read More »

Black Desert Tapu’s Golden Travel

Period: July 1 (after maintenance)–July 15 (before maintenance) Tapu has been traveling around the world and collecting precious items. Let’s find the Golden Troupe Coins, which are spread around the world, bring them to Tapu stationed at each major city and exchange for rewards. During the event period, meet NPC … Read More »

Black Desert Vell Extra Spawn

Period: July 1, 2020–Until further notice We’ve prepared a little something so that more adventurers can enjoy the World Boss Raid. During the event, brace yourself to encounter World Boss Vell more than once per week! Vell will additionally spawn on Wednesdays during the event, so prepare to set sail! … Read More »

Black Desert Papu or Otter?

Period: June 24 (after maintenance)–July 6 (23:59 UTC)   Pa! Pu! Queek! Collect coins from Kitma the Papu or Natuo the Otter on a daily basis to spend after the event ends. Kitma the Papu will give out [Event] Golden Petal Coin and Natuo the Otter will give out [Event] … Read More »