GW2 Previews Shadows In The Ice’s Best…

GW2 Previews Shadows In The Ice’s Best Features In New Trailer Here we go, folks – with the Lunar New Year festival underway in Guild Wars 2, ArenaNet is now turning its promotional attention back to the Icebrood Saga and its first entry of the year: Shadow in the Ice. Announced back in December, … Read More »

Astellia Online Update Brings Legendary…

Astellia Online Update Brings Legendary Dungeons And Spidery Events January Content Preview! Greetings Astellians, The new year has arrived and we know many of you are eagerly awaiting news on what is up and coming for Astellia! Today we’re excited to be able to share a brief sneak peak at … Read More »

GW2 Bound By Blood Living World Preview

Guild Wars 2 is back with a brand new prologue to Season 5 of ArenaNet’s epic ongoing story. Before the release of Bound By Blood, we got hands-on and rocked out with the Charr. The Icebrood Saga is almost upon us. Bound By Blood isn’t quite the start of this epic journey, … Read More »

Last Oasis Hands On Preview Gamescom 2019

Last Oasis is about to stride into Steam Early Access, but before hulking great wood walkers darken your door, we got hands-on with the upcoming survival game at Gamescom 2019. If you haven’t seen the initial announcement for Last Oasis then I think you are in for a treat. Last Oasis is a multiplayer sandbox … Read More »