Dauntless Previews Its Upcoming Loadout…

Dauntless Previews Its Upcoming Loadout Swapping Feature Due In September SAVED LOADOUTS Each hunt in Dauntless offers a unique challenge for Slayers. Surviving requires a carefully customized and crafted arsenal of gear. Very soon, Slayers will be able to create multiple loadout slots, saving weapons, armour pieces, cells, cosmetics, and more! Spend … Read More »

A Sneak Peek At Steel Circus

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I was invited to preview Steel Circus.  I don’t particularly like MOBAs, nor do I like sports games (as I’m not good at either).  In fact, the last real sports game I played was Baseball Stars for the NES back in the early ‘90s.  … Read More »

Astellia First Look

Today marks the first day of the Astellia closed beta #1. We were given access to the game for streaming, review videos, and anything you could want to see as you take the first look into a new title. This beta is running until July 1st, and it gives us … Read More »

Maple Story: Pathfinder Preview

Maple Story’s Pathfinder class releases on June 26th, and we got a chance to get a hands-on preview of the Pathfinder and try it out. Firstly, Pathfinder is fun and has some good mobbing attacks. Pathfinder uses an ancient bow to attack its foe’s ancient force magically. Pathfinders have three … Read More »

Warframe Previews New Horde Mode,…

Warframe Previews New Horde Mode, Nightwave Series 2 Changes, And A Railjack Sneak Peek DEVSTREAM 127 OVERVIEW The Jovian Concord, Nightwave Series 2, Khora Deluxe and more! We’re back with another Devstream, featuring a look at the new Disruption gamemode coming with the Jovian Concord update, news on changes in … Read More »