Albion Roadmap Update 2020

Dear Albion community, Its finally time to share our plans beyond the Queen update with you! With the last update we brought a revolution to Albion’s Outland gameplay. Now we’re turning our attention to a super important, often overlooked aspect of Albion Online: solo and small group gameplay. With the next … Read More »

Fallout 76 Studio Is Grumpy More People Didn’t…

Fallout 76 Studio Is Grumpy More People Didn’t PvP On April 7, Fallout 76 becomes a proper Fallout game. That date marks the release of Fallout 76: Wastelanders, a free expansion for the existing PC, Xbox One, and PS4 release. The expansion adds human NPCs, reputation systems, dialog trees, and single-player … Read More »

Aion Europe Adds A 2,000-player PvP Battle And…

Aion Europe Adds A 2,000-player PvP Battle And A 12-player Dungeon In Update 7.2 Update 7.2 is here – play it now! It’s time to party in AION as update 7.2 is now live on the European servers! Experience merciless PvP and PvE action! Along with AION 7.2, “The Windstream” event is … Read More »

SWTOR Ranked Season 11 PvP Rewards

Ranked Season 11 PvP Rewards Season 11 of Ranked PvP is set to end with the launch of the ‘Onslaught’ Expansion on October 22nd, and only the most formidable opponents will be left standing. Time is ticking, so get in those final matches while you can! As the end draws … Read More »

GW2 Fight Or Kite: Guild Wars 2 PvP – Where…

GW2 Fight Or Kite: Guild Wars 2 PvP– Where Good Intentions And Stubbornness Meet Earlier this month, Guild Wars 2 Game Director Mike Zadorojny had an interview with PCGamesN in which he discussed a number of items – most importantly PvP. I haven’t written much about Guild Wars 2’s arena PvP, or structured PvP, … Read More »

GW2 PvP Updates Arrive August 13

A new 2v2 structured PvP map and weapon set are coming next week, on August 13! New 2v2 Map: Auric Span Rules: Elimination, best of three. Gameplay variant: At two minutes, healing and stealth are disabled and area-of-effect damage will begin to invade the arena. New Mist Lord’s Weapons Players voted on the final … Read More »