First Rend Patch Of 2019 Overhauls Archery…

First Rend Patch Of 2019 Overhauls Archery With New Projectile Weapon Mechanics Patch 8 introduces a major update to Bow combat, rebalanced and amended Ammunition and other crafting recipes, and dozens of important bug fixes to issues reported by you, our dedicated Early Access community. This patch will deploy at 8:00 … Read More »

Rend Early Access Patch 7: Patch Notes

Patch 7 introduces a number of gameplay and quality-of-life features that we’ve been working on in parallel with the Patch 6 series including the new faction storage system, a new map layout, and our first pass on artifacts and relics. We’ll have full feature articles published for these features but … Read More »

Rend Roadmap: Crafting Reconstructed

Be an armorer or a maker of crafts Solely for thy own self. Should thy armor rend or bow splinter, Then upon thy own head be it. — The 126th Stanza of Hávamál: The Words of Odin, the High One Crafting is necessary for survival in the brutal and unforgiving lands … Read More »

Rend Early Access Patch 6.1: Patch Notes

The team’s taking a Spirit Axe to one of Rend’s core systems to create a streamlined crafting experience. This patch expands upon the initial Early Access roadmap changes introduced in Patch 6 last week with the majority of the game’s crafting tables restructured for easier navigation when searching for a specific recipe. Clearer categories … Read More »

Rend Early Access Patch 5.1: Patch Notes

Patch 5.1 introduces gameplay improvements and bug fixes reported by the community and reflected on the Community Issuesboard. It also marks Rend’s transition to Unreal Engine 4.20. General Updated Rend to Unreal Engine 4.20 from 4.19. Adjusted faction stronghold lighting to improve performance. Further improved player movement smoothing algorithm from Patch 5. … Read More »