Rift Valentine’s Day

  Valentine’s Day is close and the Heart needs YOUR creativity! Mariel-Taun is compassion, she is love, she is fellowship, and she is creativity and beauty. Those that follow her shall be granted wisdom, beauty and fortune. Those, who do not, who are selfish and cruel, will be left with a hole … Read More »

Rift Drops A New Patch With New Battle Pass…

Rift Drops A New Patch With New Battle Pass Rewards, New Daily Rewards, And Balance Tweaks  Patch Notes – August 28, 2019 8/28: Live Patch notes Battle Pass Season 2: Tendrils of Blight begins! Complete Battlepass missions to gain levels and unlock new life themed awards. This season features over … Read More »

Rift’s Summerfest 2019 Drops Surfboards,…

Rift’s Summerfest 2019 Drops Surfboards, Weapons Skins, And Masks You’ve been waiting for it and it’s almost here! It might be hot outside, but our Summerfest is burning! Join our activities starting July 18, 2019 3.30 PM server time until August 8 and earn event currency! Summerfest Activities Summerfest offers several … Read More »

Rift Patch Notes

Summerfest returns to Telara! Celebrate the warm weather by participating in scavenger hunts, tracking down special artifacts, or fishing with your fellow ascended. Collect Friendship Bracelets and Merit Badges that can be used to purchase Summerfest event mounts, pets, outfits, decorations, and more! Summerfest runs from July 18th at 3:30 … Read More »

Rift Summer 2018 Updates – Official Dev Letter

Hail, Ascended! A busy six weeks have passed since our spring update letter, and while it’s not quite officially summer, the Rift team is full steam ahead preparing for long days and too-hot weekends where you can escape the heat outside by playing Rift! (If you’re in the southern hemisphere, … Read More »

Rift Vigil Update Reduces XP…

Rift Vigil Update Reduces XP Required Per Level from 30-49 RIFT 4.4: Hotfix #14 5/23/2018 == PRIME: VIGIL PATCH NOTES == [GENERAL] Hello all! Last week’s soul changes gave us a solid base to continue working from. You’re happier in general, and so are we. It’s great seeing more callings … Read More »

Rift: Lucky #13 SOUL PATCH Notes!

This week’s Hotfix #13 brings with it a number of long-awaited balance changes to RIFT Souls! For the past several months, the team has been focusing on the focus of your biggest requests: souls, callings, and in the case of Prime, global balance work and progression. We want to thank everyone … Read More »

Rift Prime To Talk About Progression…

Rift Prime To Talk About Progression Unlocks Later This Month == PRIME: VIGIL PATCH NOTES == GENERAL * Fixed a display issue where the client displayed you received more loot than you actually did. This in particular refers to the calendar reward of Planarite. SOULS * Gifts have been restored … Read More »