Star Trek Online’s Patch Today Continues…

Star Trek Online’s Patch Today Continues Adjusting Patrols Rewards UPDATES TO PATROL REWARDS Since the release of the new Patrol UI, and the inclusion of Patrol Missions in our current ongoing Mycelial Crisis Event, we’ve been very pleased to see the positive response we’ve seen regarding this content. This is … Read More »

Star Trek Online PC Patch Notes for 9/24/19

General: Memorial Plaque Text Updated: Added Aron Eisenberg – Thank you for everything, Aron. Added Jack Donner Content: Resolved an issue during the Mycelial Realm Task Force Operation, which was causing the Elachi computers to not display the proper color variants when the computer is unlocked and usable by the … Read More »

Star Trek Online Arena of Sompek Starts..

Star Trek Online Arena of Sompek Starts August 8th Star Trek Online Arena of Sompek Starts August 8th Beginning on August 8th, 2019, the combat trials of the Arena of Sompek will be returning as our next Featured Task Force Operation, with many changes to make the Arena easier to face on a … Read More »

Star Trek OnlinePC Patch Notes For 3/14/19

General: The Legacy of Romulus starter pack now correctly unlocks for the whole account when purchased or when received with a promo. The Centaur-Class starship has been completely remodeled with new visuals. For more information, please visit the “Updates to the Centaur Class” blog at: UI: Reputation UI now displays … Read More »

Star Trek Online: Victory Is Life…

Star Trek Online: Victory Is Life Launches With A Revamped Ds9, Playable Cardassians, And The Jem’hadar Faction New Features: Create a Jem’Hadar Captain: Create a Jem’Hadar Captain from the character select screen. These Captains begin at level 60 upon entering the game. After choosing a faction, Jem’Hadar Captains can fly … Read More »

Star Trek PC Patch Notes For 4/19/18

Updates and Events: XP Boosts have been updated to provide a more improved boost to gaining extra XP! All XP Bonus Pools will now grant a 50% boost to the bonus XP earned, from the previous 20% bonus. Bonus Pool size has also increased: Small XP boosts have gone from … Read More »

Star Trek Celebrate First Contact Day!

April 5th is the anniversary of First Contact Day, when Humans and Vulcans first met on Earth! To celebrate the anniversary of First Contact Day, the Zefram Cochrane Memorial and Historical Museum is holding a special re-enactment event from April 5th at 8am PT to April 12th at 10am PT, on all … Read More »