TemTem The Ranked Update Is Here:..

TemTem The Ranked Update Is Here: Matchmaking, Spectator Mode And More! Hello tamers, Even in these challenging times, the team has been working hard (although now working from home) and today we bring you a new Temtem update. This is the first content update we’re releasing after publishing our content roadmap a … Read More »

TemTem 0.5.15

Fixed Temtem over the Tamer Cap going to the Squad if the TemDeck was full. Fixed Max’s second battle not being triggered under certain circumstances while on co-op. Fixed players getting stuck before arriving at Nanga under certain circumstances while on co-op. Fixed a bug that displayed a picking item … Read More »

Temtem 0.5.14 24th February 2020

Changed Loading screen compression to improve its quality. Fixed an invisible wall in Quetzal not allowing players to progress. Fixed players not being able to find any untamed encounters. Fixed Avenger trait not being triggered by the Sacrifice trait. TemTem

Temtem Patch Notes 0.5.13

Added a new music track during the competitive pick&ban phase. Added a countdown to the trade screen. After both players hit ready, there will be a 5-second countdown where players can review everything and cancel the trade if they’re not sure about something. Exiting the trade screen will now instantly … Read More »

Temtem Pendant Location – Gone With The…

Temtem Pendant Location – Gone With The Sillaro Quest If you’re wondering where-to find the Pendant in the Gone With Sillaro quest in Temtem then you’ve come to the right place! This is one of the earliest quests you can get, but it’s not all that obvious on where exactly … Read More »

How To Breed A Perfect Temtem (All 50 Sv)

Temtem’s breeding system is surprisingly complex, with a range of factors determining the outcome of any pairing. Breeding gives you the ability to customize your new Temtem’s stats, and while difficult, it’s entirely possible to breed a Temtem with perfect stats! Here we’ll cover one way of hatching a Temtem … Read More »

How To Rename Your Temtem

It’s time to take a look at how to rename your Temtem in the game. Most players find that naming their little creatures they collect gives them a bit more of a personalized feel to them and the game itself. So, if you want to give your Temtem a name, … Read More »

Temtem How To Make Money Fast (Pacsun)

We’re taking a look at one of the best current money making options in Temtem! You can do your standard selling of items and battling trainers, but there’s also another way to go that is a lot more effective. If you’re looking to farm up cash for gear, cosmetics, or … Read More »

Temtem: How To Get Climbing Gear

Temtem’s fresh out the gate and if you just entered the game you are no doubt wondering what is the deal with those rock walls I’ve seen around the map? Well, we’re going to discuss how to climb in the game, and you are likely going to be pretty disappointed … Read More »

Temtem: How To Get The Temessence Vial

If you’re looking for the Temessence Vial to continue your completion of the story in Temtem then look no further! We’ve got exactly where you need to go to obtain the item, and what you need to have done to obtain it. HOW TO OBTAIN THE TEMESSENCE VIAL This is … Read More »