This Week in TERA Highlights Starlyn Event…

This Week in TERA Highlights Starlyn Event, Increased XP, More Return of the Starlyn Battleground Start honing your skills now, because the Starlyn event returns on Tuesday, January 7, and lasts until Tuesday, January 21. This event consists of two weeks of battlegrounds, in which you can earn expanded rewards … Read More »

Tera This Week In TERA: December 16–22

Winter is Coming Another change in seasons means frost, fun, and festivities in TERA. Wintera begins on Tuesday, December 17! TERA’s annual winter festival runs until 10 a.m. PST on January 28, 2020 and includes the Wintera Snowfield event battleground, along with the usual wintry bounty of special rewards that can … Read More »

Tera Get Ready For Tera’s Latest Content Update

Are you ready for TERA’s latest update? Following close behind Skywatch: Aerial Island, the new update gives players more opportunities to level up and unlock the Exodor content. Or, if you’re already there, you can work toward acquiring your own Fiery Celestial Dragon or Jade Celestial Dragon! Here’s how to optimize your … Read More »

Tera Encourages Players To Beat Up A Pumpkin…

Tera Encourages Players To Beat Up A Pumpkin Monster For Trick Or Treat Gourdo’s Back for This Year’s Trick or Treat! Gourdo has returned to TERA for Halloween! You’ll need to work together to take him down…but the rewards will be well worth the effort! This Halloween season—starting Tuesday, October 22 and … Read More »

Tera Skywatch: Aerial Island Is Now Live!

Today marks the arrival of TERA’s latest update—Skywatch: Aerial Island! Players can now explore the lands of Exodor, the mysterious “sky island” that first appeared months ago in the “Skywatch: New Heights” update. This new zone is chocked-full of new content, quests, gear, BAMs, and more…culminating in an epic solo dungeon questline … Read More »

This Week in TERA: Sept. 30-Oct. 6

Enchanting Success Event Begins From Tuesday, October 1 at 10 a.m. PDT, until Tuesday, October 15 at 10 a.m. PDT, we’ve added a bonus to the enchanting and upgrading success rates. Guardian gear, as always, has a 100% base enchantment success rate, and the following gear tiers (including weapons, chest, … Read More »

Tera’s Skywatch: High Stakes Update Adds…

Tera’s Skywatch: High Stakes Update Adds Mystery Merchants And Brings Back The Demon’s Wheel Get Ready for High Stakes on August 22 TERA’s next content update—Skywatch: High Stakes—arrives on Thursday, August 22. This release introduces Mystery Merchants and brings back the Demon’s Wheel! Back for a limited time, Demon’s Wheel is … Read More »

TERA Week Recap

Open World Boss Spawn Event Some of TERA’s most fearsome dungeon bosses roam the open world, beginning Friday, August 16, and lasting until Friday, August 30. The bosses (and where they normally appear) are as follows: Vergos—Harrowhold Hellgrammite—Gossamer Vault (Hard) Nightmare Darkan—Sky Crusier Endeavor (Hard) Shandra Manaya—Dreadspire Nightmare Imperator—Shadow Sanguinary (Hard) Nightmare … Read More »

Tera Weekly Content For August 5 – 11

Weekly Vanguard Bonus: Increased Gold and Reputation Starting Tuesday, August 6 at 3 a.m. PDT, and continuing until Tuesday, August 13 at 3 a.m. PDT, you’ll earn increased gold and reputation rewards by completing Vanguard Requests. Weekend Battleground Spotlight Starting Friday, August 9 at 3 a.m. PDT, and continuing until … Read More »

Tera’s Antiquities Update Next Week Comes…

Tera’s Antiquities Update Next Week Comes With A Solo Scavenger Hunt Delve into Skywatch: Antiquities on July 23! TERA’s latest update—”Skywatch: Antiquities”—arrives on Tuesday, July 23, and when you play the new content, you can earn the “Gold Digger” exclusive title and helmet! Drop by the TERA forums to check out our handy guide … Read More »

Tera Patch Notes v82 – June 11 – Skywatch:..

Tera Patch Notes v82 – June 11 – Skywatch: Call To Arms New Features Popori Brawler Added brawlers as a playable class for popori. Players can now create up to 22 characters per server. Leveling Event running until July 9th for all classes. Brawler’s will earn Kitten Hittin’-Mittens at level … Read More »

TERA: Reloaded—Coming April 2

ne of TERA’s biggest updates yet—TERA: Reloaded—hits consoles on Tuesday, April 2, and here’s a quick run-down of what’s coming. Elin Gunner The diminutive elins join the ranks of TERA’s gunner class—and we’re holding a leveling event, in each and every region, to help you get your elin in fighting shape! New Gear Progression System … Read More »