Torchlight III Mainline Patch

A “mainline” patch brings all of the past week’s development work into the Alpha test. Players will need to exit the game in order to download the new version. Bug reports in the Steam Discussion, via Feedback button in-game, and through Discord are incredibly helpful, thank you! Players will notice many of … Read More »

Torchlight III Update 10 – Release Notes

A LETTER FROM THE PROJECT LEAD It’s like a new game. In the last 3 months, Torchlight III has undergone some massive improvements.  We’ve changed from F2P to premium; removed horizontal progression; supported a new, better story; added new bosses; dramatically improved the character leveling, monster, and environment pacing; added the 3rd … Read More »

Torchlight Frontiers Is Now Torchlight III,…

Torchlight Frontiers Is Now Torchlight III, Closed Alpha Coming January 29 Torchlight 3 has been officially announced! We’re taking a look at the release date, and everything else we know about this upcoming game. If you’ve never played a Torchlight game, they are very reminiscent of Diablo, but have their … Read More »

Torchlight Frontiers ‘beast Buddies Update’…

Torchlight Frontiers ‘beast Buddies Update’ Coming On July 16th NEW PET FEATURES We’re pleased to announce Update 7: Beast Buddies is scheduled for release on July 16! If you’ve been following the Torchlight Frontiers Roadmap, you know we’re overhauling quests in the goblin frontier, adding a friends list, revamping the Relic system, adding new … Read More »