TemTem The Ranked Update Is Here:..

TemTem The Ranked Update Is Here: Matchmaking, Spectator Mode And More! Hello tamers, Even in these challenging times, the team has been working hard (although now working from home) and today we bring you a new Temtem update. This is the first content update we’re releasing after publishing our content roadmap a … Read More »

Skyforge Outlines The New Invasion Atlas And…

Skyforge Outlines The New Invasion Atlas And Updates To Nightmare Difficulty Anniversary Update: Invasion Atlas & New Nightmares The anniversary update brings with it a few major changes that will affect the way adventures are completed. They are the Invasion Atlas and an updated Nightmare difficulty. Today we will tell you more about these changes. … Read More »

Elder Scrolls Online Shares Updated…

Elder Scrolls Online Shares Updated Performance Improvements Plan We’re working hard to make sure The Elder Scrolls Online runs as best as it possibly can. Read our plan for the game’s upcoming performance improvements from ESO’s Creative Director Rich Lambert and check back monthly for status updates. MARCH 2020 UPDATE … Read More »

TemTem 0.5.15

Fixed Temtem over the Tamer Cap going to the Squad if the TemDeck was full. Fixed Max’s second battle not being triggered under certain circumstances while on co-op. Fixed players getting stuck before arriving at Nanga under certain circumstances while on co-op. Fixed a bug that displayed a picking item … Read More »

PlanetSide 2 March 11, 2020 – Escalation (PC…

PlanetSide 2 March 11, 2020 – Escalation (PC Mega-Update) Global PC servers will come down tomorrow, Wednesday March 11, 2020, at the following times: EU: 4am GMT (est. 16 hr downtime) NA/Asia: 9am PDT (est. 4 hr downtime) ““Our worship has afforded us this opportunity,” stated an elderly voice, more akin to … Read More »

Destiny 2 Update 2.8.0

COMBAT SYSTEMS ABILITIES Titan Barricade Raised Barricade health from 500 to 600 Barricades now take extra damage from special-ammo weapons, anti-barrier weapons, and certain power weapons The following weapons do 30% extra damage to Barricades Sniper Rifles Grenade Launchers Linear Fusion Rifles Machine Guns Trace Rifles Anti-Barrier Weapons The following … Read More »