Vampyr Guide – Investigations in Whitechapel

This chapter describes all investigations in the Whitechapel district in Vampyr. Here you will find the list of missions and how to solve all of the tasks. Trinkets and more How to unlock: Talk to Barrett Lewis about his business. Jonathan’s recommended level: Around level 12. Description: Go to the location indicated by … Read More »

Vampyr Guide – Residents And A List Of Hints…

Vampyr Guide – Residents And A List Of Hints In Whitechapel This chapter describes all of the residents living in Whitechapel and contains the descriptions of all Hints you can discover about them. Whitechapel is a quite extinct district in Vampyr – Dorothy Crane, a devoted nurse, is the pillar … Read More »

Vampyr District’s Pillars In Vampyr

When you open the citizen menu, you will notice that the figure known as the “pillar” occupies a central place. What are the pillars and what function will they play in Vampyr? The answer can be found below. Who are the pillars of districts? The pillars are the key people … Read More »

All Districts Descriptions In Vampyr

This chapter of the guide to Vampyr will contain the essential information about the city’s districts. Districts in Vampyr There are four districts in the game: Docks, Pembroke Hospital, Whitechapel and West End. Subsequent locations will become available as the plot progresses. You will find about 16 residents in each district. You can interact … Read More »

Vampyr: How to mesmerize and…

Vampyr How to mesmerize and how to level up mesmerizing in Vampyr On this page of our Vampyr Game Guide you will read everything about Mesmerize – one of the most important abilities in the game. During the ‘Take me to a Hospital’ mission in Chapter I, Jonathan unlocks the Mesmerize skill … Read More »

Vampyr: Compendium of Collectibles…

Vampyr Compendium of Collectibles to find in Vampyr This chapter contains the list of all collectibles found in Vampyr. The game features numerous hidden notes that contain useful information about the game’s world and its characters. The developers have divided the compendium into a few categories. Weakness of Vampires The Brotherhood … Read More »

Vampyr: Types of activities and missions…

Vampyr: Types of activities and missions in VampyrIn this chapter, you will learn more about the type of tasks and activities in Vampyr.   In Vampyr, the game’s axis is actually interacting with others and frequent skirmishes. You will spend most of your time following the main storyline, which tells the … Read More »

Vampyr: Crafting and creating medicines in

Vampyr: Crafting and creating medicines in Vampyr This chapter of the Vampyr Game Guide describes the craftsmanship and drug development process. How to craft and improve weapons? There is quite a simple crafting present in the game. Among other things, you can improve your weaponry by unlocking new skills and … Read More »

Vampyr: Unlocking safehouses in Vampyr

This section provides a collection of the most important information related to unlocking safehouses and hiding spots in Vampyr.   Hiding places are places where you can rest, develop your character and start crafting. When you are sleeping in the hiding place, the time progresses in the game – residents … Read More »

Vampyr: Character development in Vampyr

In this chapter of the Vampyr Game Guide you will read about Jonathan’s development. We present the key issues related to gaining experience and developing skills. How to get experience? To develop a character, you need to gain experience points. The game gives you a lot of experience for making the main … Read More »