Worlds Adrift Update 30 Patch Notes

BLIGHT 2.0 Improvements to telegraphing: Made the Blight screen overlay transparent when looking away from the centre of the storm to make it clearer which direction to travel in to get out. If you can see particles you’re at risk of destruction (you’re near the destruction radius) Destruction VFX will … Read More »

Worlds Adrift Bye Closed Beta!!..

Worlds Adrift Bye Closed Beta!! Early Access Update – Patch Notes LAUNCH INTO EARLY ACCESS Worlds Adrift is now releasing to Steam Early Access! This means we have opened up additional servers for both US and EU regions, and will release more servers depending on player population. The UI … Read More »

Worlds Adrift Adds Beautiful…

Worlds Adrift Adds Beautiful Touches To Island Creation Greetings Travellers, First and foremost, a giant thank you to everyone who has played since 0.1.6 dropped, reported bugs, we really appreciate all the details you’ve been providing as it speeds up the fixes! It’s also been great seeing players enjoying themselves, … Read More »