Apex Legends Interface In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Interface In Apex Legends The interface is very transparent and shouldn’t be an obstacle even for a novice player. The main screen contains all of the necessary information, such as mini-map, match statistics, the number of surviving players, compass, team’s health, and our equipment. Health and armor In Apex … Read More »

Apex Legends Inventory In Apex Legends

During the matches, you’ll find a lot of various armors, weaponry, gadgets, and medkits. The items have to be stored somewhere – in Apex Legends, your inventory space is limited, forcing you to exchange old and less powerful items with better ones. Weapon comparison Apex Legends contains a special system of weapon … Read More »

Apex Legends Damage System In Apex Legends

Apex Legends Damage System In Apex Legends In Apex Legends, your successful shots are displayed on your screen, showing the amount and the type of damage dealt. The section below will help you understand the appearing data, enabling you to learn when to back down, and when to continue firing. Armor … Read More »

Apex Legends Shooting And Ballistics…

Apex Legends Shooting And Ballistics In Apex Legends In Apex Legends, each weapon acts differently when shooting, which can lead to various outcomes during the battle. Some weapons are controlled easily, while others require a lot of practice. In Battle Royale games, you can use various tactics that facilitate the gameplay … Read More »

Apex Legends Movement Guide – Sliding…

Apex Legends Movement Guide – Sliding, Jumping And Ziplines In Apex Legends The chapter below contains many tips dedicated to Apex Legends. We’ve made notes of important points of the game, such as efficient movement on Royal Arena, shooting, damage system, equipment, and interface. Moreover, the player can view starting tips … Read More »

Apex Legends The Best Weapons In Apex Legends

Apex Legends The Best Weapons In Apex Legends In APEX LEGENDS you can find several different weapons. They are divided into six types – assault rifles, guns, rifles, machine guns, light machine guns, and sniper rifles. On this game guide page, you will find a description of the best weapons available in … Read More »