GW2 Happy Lunar New Year from the Black Lion…

GW2 Happy Lunar New Year from the Black Lion Trading Company White Tiger Appearance Package The Lunar New Year festival begins today, and we’ve got the fiercest fashions to start off the Year of the Tiger! The White Tiger Appearance Package includes a White Tiger Outfit, White Tiger Jackal Skin, … Read More »

GW2 New Shatterspark Items for a Striking Look

Shatterspark Cape and Shatterspark Sword Skin Lightning can strike twice—once on your strong, heroic shoulders and once in your sword-swinging hand. Match these flashy new wardrobe pieces with the Shatterspark Gloves Skin and Shatterspark Shoulders Skin, which are available now for 20% off. What’s in Stock We’re refreshing our seasonal selection of … Read More »

GW2 Transform Your Skyscale into a Cyberscale

Synergetics Cyberscale Skyscale Skin We’ve partnered with krewes from the College of Synergetics to turn your skyscale into a bastion of cybernetic power. It’s still your good buddy but would prefer cubes of pure energy over fish. Dress to match your skyscale’s new look! The Inquest Exo-Suit Outfit, Dynamics Exo-Suit … Read More »

GW2 New Character Customization Options…

GW2 New Character Customization Options are Available Now Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™ is coming soon, and you can start planning your beauty strategy now! In today’s update, we’ve added several new hairstyle and face options for each race and gender, inspired by the trendiest Canthan looks for the … Read More »

GW2 Big Sales on Gem Cards and Guild Wars 2:..

GW2 Big Sales on Gem Cards and Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire This Weekend Jump start your holiday shopping for the special Tyrians in your life—or yourself—with fantastic deals throughout this weekend! 50% Off Guild Wars 2: Path of Fire It’s a great time to dive into Guild Wars 2 and get ready for the third expansion, Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons™. The Guild Wars 2: Heart of Thorns™ expansion is … Read More »

GW2 Relax and Unwind with the Tea Time…

GW2 Relax and Unwind with the Tea Time Package Tea Time Package Wouldn’t a nice cup of tea hit the spot after you vanquish your next world boss? Pull out your Tea Time Chair and invite a friend to sit down and contemplate your victories. If another marauding menace dares … Read More »

GW2 High-Tech Hydroplaning with the…

High-Tech Hydroplaning with the Synergetics Hoverbike Skimmer Skin Pyre Circlet Helm Skin Become a beacon of light in the darkness without setting your hair on fire. Synergetics Hoverbike Skimmer Skin You don’t need to be an expert in magitech to explore the water on this sleek, cutting-edge vehicle, but you’ll still look … Read More »

GW2 Gathering Forever with the Spirits of the

GW2 Gathering Forever with the Spirits of the Wild Infinite Spirits of the Wild Gathering Tools Summon the spirits of Raven, Bear, and Wolf to aid you in gathering Tyria’s abundant resources. Just pick a node—they’ll handle the rest! This set includes three gathering tools that will never need replenishing: … Read More »