Lord of the rings: The battle for middle earth II

Middle Earth is threatened by the Earthmen (Goblins), Mordor and Isengard. In the beginning, multiple campaigns can choose either the good or the evil.

In the good campaign, the player has control over the Elves, People and Dwarves. These include armies, and buildings can be created. In the evil campaign, the player has control over the Aardmanns de Orks from Mordor and the Saruman troops from Isengard. The game has extra to his predecessor. There is the choice of more different varieties and buildings. The Earthmen, Elves and the Dwarfs are the new races, each with their own buildings and special skills.

In the game, the main goal is to defeat enemy armies through military units. Initially, each player starts with 2 builders that can be used for the construction of buildings with which units are to be trained. These buildings are paid on the basis of raw materials. The player initially starts with a certain amount of raw materials, intended for the construction of new buildings and units. With these raw materials, the player must also construct buildings that need to provide the production of new raw materials. With each race, this building is different:

The people of the West have a farm. The elves have a mallorn tree. The dwarves have a mine shaft. Icebed has a melting furnace. Mordor has a slaughterhouse. The Earthmen have the Tunnel disposal.

There is also a different way of getting raw materials, namely wooden spikes, in the evil races. Additional loggers can be made, but they can also be killed. The Dwarves and Earthmen can move by using mining shafts or tunnels, depending on the breed. Each building that has the purpose of collecting raw materials, provides 50 additional command points. The dwarves and earthmembers have a tunnel network, with five battalions in their tunnel / mine shaft at a time, they can then be in another tunnel / mine shaft. This can be done by clicking on a tunnel / mine shaft of your own color, then there are pictures of battalions.

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