GW2 A Very Merry Wintersday Begins…

GW2 A Very Merry Wintersday Begins December 17 Guild Wars 2>News>A Very Merry Wintersday Begins December 17 A Very Merry Wintersday Begins December 17 The annual Wintersday festival arrives next week! Participate in traditional festivities like Toypocalypse and Bell Choir, leap from snowflake to snowflake in the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, brave … Read More »

Black Desert [Maintenance] Regular…

Black Desert [Maintenance] Regular Maintenance December 11th 2019 Dear Players, We will perform our weekly maintenance as follows: Date: Wednesday, 11.12.2019 Duration: 4h Server Down: Server Up: Global 9:00 UTC 13:00 UTC Central (EU) 10:00 CET 14:00 CET West Coast (NA) 1:00 PST 5:00 PST East Coast (NA) 4:00 EST 8:00 … Read More »

Corepunk Is A New Top-down Dutch Game With…

Corepunk Is A New Top-down Dutch Game With All The Mmorpg Trappings Who wanted a new MMORPG for Christmas? Well, Corepunk isn’t getting here in time for this Christmas, but it’s now been officially announced to give you something to look forward to. The game’s Dutch studio, Artificial Core, is straight-up calling it a … Read More »

DOTA 2 – 7.23c Patch Notes

General Outpost XP reduced from 25 per minute to 18 Level 10 XP talents reduced from 20/25/30/40 (most were 25/30) to 20% Level 15 XP talents reduced from 35/40/50 to 35% Glyph duration on creeps reduced from 7 to 4 Innate Damage Block now works against player units again (same … Read More »

Star Trek PC Patch Notes for 12/5/19

General: Updated text in Q’s winter dialogue to give correct instructions for the new event system. Content: Removed minimum level requirement on “Fastest Game on Ice”. Requires Tutorial completion and primary allegiance.   Systems: Resolved an issue that was preventing the Fek’Ihri Fe’rang Dreadnought Carrier [T6] from being reclaimable. The … Read More »

Irmandade Das Sombras

Guild Name Irmandade Das Sombras Guild Tag [IMDS] Last Updated 6th December, 2019 Server Anvil Rock Style & Focus Casual/Laidback PvE Language(s) Portuguese (Secondary: English) Location Website N/A Discord N/A Twitter N/A Voice Comms Discord Members 1-10 Guild Leader(s) Zëphyr Recruitment Status Open Min. Age 18 Min. Time Investment N/A Timezone(s) … Read More »