Star Trek Online Bonus Marks Weekend!

This weekend, starting Thursday, February 13th at 8AM PT to Monday, February 17th at 10AM PT, we are running a special event where Captains can earn bonus Marks by playing content throughout the game! During the event, content that provides Marks (Fleet or Reputation) will reward a 50% (1.5x) bonus above normal amounts … Read More »

SWTOR’s 6.1 Pinnacles Of Power Goes Live…

SWTOR’s 6.1 Pinnacles Of Power Goes Live Today With New Story Beat And Stronghold Game Update 6.1 Highlights Story Update – In the aftermath of the Sith Empire’s assault on the Meridian Complex Shipyard, both factions form elite organizations to carry out key objectives that could tip the balance of the … Read More »

Skyforge Mysteries Of Love 2020

Immortals! One of the most romantic holidays is starting on Aelion: Mysteries of Love. Forget the war for a few moments, and rise above troubles. Participate in the festivities from February 11 to 10:00 on March 3! Help the common people of Aelion and other immortals. Complete holiday challenges, discover mysterious treasures, and purchase festive … Read More »