Catch These Hands

Guild Name Catch These Hands Guild Tag [CTH] Last Updated 13th September, 2020 Server American (PC) Faction Undecided Style & Focus Strict/Hardcore PvP Language(s) English Location Website N/A Discord Twitter @IYIedicine Voice Comms Discord Members 1-10 Guild Leader(s) IYI Recruitment Status Open Min. Age 18 Min. Time Investment N/A … Read More »

How To Have Triplets In Bitlife

BitLife has some pretty tough achievements, and this is probably up there on the list. Trying to get pregnant with three kids isn’t easy, and in this game it’s particularly simple to do either! You will need to do quite a bit of baby having to make it happen, so … Read More »

How to get a Unicorn in BitLife

Encountering a mythological beast is a lot harder than you would imagine! If you are on the quest of completing achievements in BitLife, then you have no doubt run into one that requires you to find a unicorn. Well, this is going to be pretty difficult to accomplish, so be prepared … Read More »

Starcraft II 2020 Season 3 Map Preview

2020 Ladder Season 3 brings new 1v1 and Team maps to ladder! These maps will be available for playtesting or exploration in the Custom Games section of Multiplayer today. Below are some descriptions from the creators of the maps. Please click on the images to see the detailed views. Timmay: “Accelerator … Read More »

Last Oasis Drops Three New Bomb Types On…

Last Oasis Drops Three New Bomb Types On Players In Its Weekly Update NEW BOMBS CHANGELOG BOMBS – Added Cluster Bomb. – Added Healing Bomb. – Added Insects Bomb. – Added equipment durability damage to the Sulfur Bomb. – Made Chalk Bomb a smoke screen by removing damage. – Improved … Read More »

Torchlight III Mainline Patch – September 15th,…

Torchlight III Mainline Patch – September 15th, 2020 (Part 1) Check out our Discord, Facebook, Twitter, and Twitch to get the latest development news and updates. Good morning frontier! Another day, another update – this week’s update focuses on bug fixes, general quality of life updates, and community feedback we received after the Relic Subclass update. 10 … Read More »

Black Desert Collect Commemorative Coins

Have you tried fast leveling through the season servers yet? Collect [Event] Autumn Season Commemorative Coins through the Challenges tab and exchange them for awesome rewards!   Event 1: Collect by Playing! Period: September 17 (00:00 UTC)–October 29 (23:59 UTC) During the event period, complete the playtime challenge of 60 … Read More »

Black Desert Make Your Choice! Awakening Or…

Black Desert Make Your Choice! Awakening Or Succession? Awakening and Succession become available at the same time for Hashashin, unlike any class before. Which choice will you make?   Event 1: Find the Relic Period: September 16 (after maintenance)–September 29 (before maintenance) Defeating monsters, gathering, and fishing during the event … Read More »

Black Desert Level Up Again With Hashashin

To celebrate the Awakening and Succession update for Hashashin, we have prepared another level up challenge and special attendance rewards.   Event 1: Level Up Again! Period: September 16 (after maintenance)–October 28 (before maintenance) During the event period, level up a Hashashin character (both regular and Seasonal characters allowed) and … Read More »